WiNRADiO G303/G305 and the Advanced Digital Suite

If you already own a WiNRADiO G303 or G305 receiver, you can now take Software-Defined Radio a step further...

The WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite is a collection of digital signal processing modules, now also available for the G303 and G305 series of WiNRADiO receivers.

The WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite expands the power of your WiNRADiO G303 or G305 receiver with numerous digital processing facilities, including:

 Advanced FAX Module (WEFAX and HF Fax) with a scheduler
 Advanced NAVTEX Decoder with a scheduler
 Advanced Packet Radio Decoder
 Advanced ACARS Decoder with a code database
 Advanced Signalling Decoder (CTCSS and DTMF) with alarms
 Advanced Signal Classifier
 Advanced Audio Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer with waterfall spectra
 Advanced Signal Conditioner with numerous user-defined filters
 Advanced Audio Recorder with pitch shift and speed control

Upon installation, the new modules will appear in the Digital Suite top bar menu of the WiNRADiO receiver application software, and can be invoked from there, such as the Advanced Signal Conditioner:

G303 receiver with Advanced Digital Suite

The Advanced Signal Conditioner makes it possible to create low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and notch filters of user-definable cut-off frequencies and selectivity. The filter pass bands can be edited graphically by simply dragging the filter edges using the mouse, with the results immediately observable on the inbuilt spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope - and of course heard at the same time. There is also a noise blanker, auto-notch, recorder/playback, and even a pitch-shifter. And this is only one facility of the many offered by the Advanced Digital Suite!

Existing users of the G303 receiver and the Advanced Digital Suite, please note:

Starting from the G303 software version 1.23, changes have been incorporated (XRS version 1.2 implemented) which make it possible to pass digitized demodulated signals directly from the G303 demodulator to the Advanced Digital Suite, without the need of any additional analog-to-digital conversion of the demodulated audio signal (which would require a separate sound card). This also ensures the best possible signal for the Advanced Digital Suite, and superior performance of all its facilities. The latest G303 software is, as always, available for free download.

To be able to take its input directly from the G303 demodulator, a corresponding modification to the Advanced Digital Suite has also been made. Existing owners of the Advanced Digital Suite can download a free upgrade patch from here. The upgraded program still continues to work with all other WiNRADiO receiver models.

System Requirements

 IBM PC compatible (min. 800 MHz if used with G303 receiver)
 Windows 2000, XP or Vista
 128 MB of RAM, 128 MB of free disk space
 Sound Blaster compatible 16-bit sound card
 WiNRADiO G303 or G305 receiver

The Advanced Digital Suite is available as either a full version or an upgrade for existing standard Digital Suite users.

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