WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite - Signal Conditioner

The Advanced Signal Conditioner contains a wealth of useful facilities employing powerful digital filtering techniques designed to process the demodulated signals and improve their readability:

 Lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandstop filtering
 Signal display in time or frequency domains
 Signal frequency identification by tone marking
 Adaptive noise reduction
 Adaptive reduction of single or multiple tone interference
 Pitch shifting
 Signal level control
 Speech spectrum inversion (see note below)
 Configuration saving and retrieving
 Recording of a processed signal
 Processing of a recorded signal

Advanced Signal Conditioner

The architecture of the Advanced Signal Conditioner makes it possible to use any (or all) of the various building blocks simultaneously. The signal input can be derived either directly from the WiNRADiO receiver, or from a hard disk (wave file) recording. The output can be either directly to the PC speaker or again to a hard disk.

The filters can be comfortably adjusted either by specifying their parameters numerically, or grafically by dragging the filter contours in the inbuilt real-time spectrum analyzer window. This program indeed delivers formidable signal processing resources to a WiNRADiO user.

Note: Speech spectrum inversion is not available in Advanced Digital Suite sold in the United States due to legislative restrictions (1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act). Exceptions may apply to authorized purchasers.