WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite - Fax Decoder

The Advanced Fax Decoder is useful for reception of orbiting weather satellites (WEFAX) and HF fax. Received images are decoded and displayed in real time. The Decoder employs advanced decoding and image processing techniques to display received images with maximum clarity.

Advanced Fax Decoder

The impressive control panel of the Decoder makes it possible for the user to set up a wide variety of paremeters for a perfect result.

Advanced Fax Decoder - Control Panel

The Decoder also includes an image analyzer making it possible to analyze the received image characteristics.

Advanced Fax Decoder - Image Analysis

To optimize reception even of weak and noisy signals, there is a spectrum analysis facility which makes it possible to finely tune the signal input parameters of the Decoder.

Advanced Fax Decoder - Signal Analysis

An integrated Scheduler which makes it possible to program the Decoder for automatic start and stop for specified times and dates, either one-time or periodically, without the need to be attended by the operator. The received signal can be captured either as an audio (wave) file for off-line processing and/or an already decoded image file.

Advanced Fax Decoder - Scheduler

The Advanced Fax Decoder can operate on real-time signals as well as on recorded wave files. Its output can be either displayed on the screen in real time, or be stored in an image file for later viewing.

Please note: HF WEFAX live streams can be processed when fed via most WiNRADiO receivers which have HF coverage. However live VHF WEFAX streams can only be processed if the VHF receiver feeding the software supports a 50 kHz IF bandwidth, otherwise WEFAX can operate only in offline mode from recorded files.