WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite - ACARS

ACARS is an air/ground network which enables an aircraft to function as a mobile computer terminal, with links to ground control stations. ACARS stands for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.

The Advanced ACARS Decoder is a complex XRS plug-in dedicated to those interested in monitoring ACARS activity in real time, using a WiNRADiO receiver.

To be able to extract details from the received information, the decoder contains the following:

 An extensive database of commonly used message labels and their descriptions
 Airline-specific message labels for certain common messages
 A complete database of all countries
 An extensive database of over 1200 airlines, both with IATA and ICAO codes
 An extensive database of over 10800 airports, including both IATA and ICAO codes

Advanced ACARS Decoder

The Decoder also contains a recording and playback function, to be able to process ACARS transmissions off-line, as well as a logging facility to store received messages while the Decoder is running unattended.