WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite - Audio Scope and Spectrum Analyzer

The Advanced Audio Scope and Spectrum Analyzer is a sophisticated signal processing module designed to provide a comprehesive and efficient tool for analyzing audio waveforms demodulated by a WiNRADiO receiver, both in time and frequency domains.

The program contains three major facilities:

 Audio Oscilloscope
 Audio Spectrum Analyzer
 Audio Waterfall Spectrum Analyzer

Advanced Audio Oscilloscope

The Oscilloscope function offer a range of possibilities familiar to those acquainted with any analog or digital oscilloscope. A time derivative d/dt function is also included, useful for analyzing transitions of a digital signal. Two time markers complement the package.

Advanced Spectrum Analyzer

The Spectrum Analyzer is implemented using an advanced FFT algorithm and is useful for frequency domain analysis of audio spectrum signals. The controls include a choice of linear or logarithmic scale, FFT window type, trigger conditions, eight frequency markers and other useful facilities.

Colour 3-dimensional Waterfall Spectrum

There are three types of waterfall spectra the Waterfall Analyzer can display: two-dimensional, three-dimensional and three-dimensional color, with user-defined colors. This tool provides an excellent facility for observation of spectra variations over time.

3-dimentional Waterfall Spectrum

On this screen shot of an FM radio audio signal, the Baseline Clipper function has been employed to emphasise signal peaks. Note the steady peak of the 19 kHz stereo pilot signal showing on the right of the displayed spectrum.

Each of the above display facilities can be applied either directly to real-time demodulated signals of the WiNRADiO receiver, or used off-line to analyze recorded audio files. For this purpose, an integrated recording and playback facility is also included in this comprehensive package.