WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite - Audio Signalling Decoder

The Advanced Audio Signalling Decoder makes it possible to handle CTCSS and DTMF signalling at the same time. This is useful in situations where DTMF signalling is used on CTCSS activated transmitters, and switching between two different decoders would cause loss of data.

A CTCSS-based squelch facility is also implemented, and user-defined alpha-tags are also available.

Advanced Audio Signalling Decoder

The Audio Signalling Decoder also features a comprehensive alarm facility. User-selectable actions, such as running a program or alerting the operator, can be triggered by detected CTCSS tones and specified DTMF sequences.

Finally, an integrated recording and playback function, as well as a logging facility to store the received codes while the Decoder is running unattended, complement this highly useful module.