WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite

Now take Digital Signal Processing on your WiNRADiO receiver a step further...

The WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite is an optional software package, a collection of digital signal processing modules, fully integrated with any type of WiNRADiO receivers. This product continues in the fine tradition of the original Digital Suite, elevating many of its original concepts to a higher level of functionality and performance.

The WiNRADiO Advanced Digital Suite expands the power of your WiNRADiO receiver with numerous digital processing facilities, including:

 Advanced FAX Module (WEFAX and HF Fax) with a scheduler
 Advanced NAVTEX Decoder with a scheduler
 Advanced Packet Radio Decoder
 Advanced ACARS Decoder with a code database
 Advanced Signalling Decoder (CTCSS and DTMF) with alarms
 Advanced Signal Classifier
 Advanced Audio Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer with waterfall spectra
 Advanced Signal Conditioner with numerous user-defined filters
 Advanced Audio Recorder with pitch shift and speed control

Upon installation, all the new modules will appear in the Digital Suite top bar menu of the WiNRADiO receiver application software, and can be invoked from there.

System Requirements

 IBM PC compatible (500 MHz or higher)
    (800 MHz or higher if used with G3 series receivers)

 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
 32 MB of RAM, 32 MB of free disk space
 Standard PC sound card
 WiNRADiO G3 series receiver

The Advanced Digital Suite is available as either a full version or an upgrade for existing standard Digital Suite users.

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