WiNRADiO Mobile Applications

A recent article by Bob Grove, the Editor of the Monitoring Times magazine, attracted our attention.Titled WiNRADiO on the Road, it represents a hands-on exploration of a computer-hosted WiNRADiO receiver placed in a mobile and portable environment.

WiNRADiO PC-controlled receivers are often used in mobile and portable applications. Connected to a laptop computer, they represent an excellent alternative to conventional spectrum analyzers or other dedicated monitoring equipment.

Using a WiNRADiO receiver has numerous advantages:

 Small size and low weight

 Very low cost

 High sensitivity

 High dynamic range

 Availability of additional software functions

WR-3150 with a laptop

WR-3150e receiver with a laptop.

... The additional visual features of the WiNRADiO showed the dynamics of the activity on each channel along with the relative signal strengths, plus the ability to simply click and drag the cursor to any frequency on the display for instant access to transmissions ("Visi-tune"). These are distinct advantages when time is an important consideration while looking at brief transmissions.

... WiNRADiO also has a clever "waterfall display" function, downloadable from their web site, which provides a 3D look at a chosen spectrum and displays active frequencies over time.

... The WiNRADiO has highly flexible database management; load your most desirable search ranges into memory, then call them up when you are ready to do a spectrum search.

... For spectrum profiling, as the scenes continued to change during the course of the trip, nothing could outperform the spectrum display function of the [WiNRADiO] 3150.

Monitoring Times, June 2002

  Download the entire article:
WiNRADiO on the Road
(courtesy Monitoring Times)

The following is a list of WiNRADiO receivers suitable for mobile and portable applications:

 WR-G303e (low cost, 0.009 to 30 MHz)

 WR-G305e (low cost, 0.009 to 1800 MHz)

 WR-G313e (professional, 0.009 to 30 MHz)

 WR-G315e (professional, 0.009 to 1800 MHz)

 WR-1550e (low cost, 0.15 to 1600 MHz)

 WR-3150e (professional, 0.15 to 1600 MHz)

 WR-3500e (professional, 0.15 to 2600 MHz)

 WR-3700e (professional, 0.15 to 4000 MHz)

See also details of various hardware accessories suitable for mobile and portable use:

 WiNRADiO Portable Power Source

 WiNRADiO PCMCIA Card Adapter

 WiNRADiO USB Adapter

 WiNRADiO AX-06B Telescopic Antenna

 WiNRADiO AX-07B Flexible Antenna

 WiNRADiO AX-91M Magnetic Antenna Base

 WiNRADiO AX-31B Log-periodic Antenna

 WiNRADiO AX-37A Log-periodic Antenna

For additional software suitable for mobile and portable applications see also the various XRS Plug-ins.