Portable Power Source for WiNRADiO 1000/1500/3000 Series

Note: This product has been discontinued.
Please consider our G3 series of USB-interfaced receivers
with a new type of Portable Power Source.


The PPS (Portable Power Source) is an add-on option for external models of the 1000/1500/3000 series of WiNRADiO receivers, to provide mains-independent power for field operations.

PPS mounted under WR-3150e

PPS mounted under a WR-3150e receiver.

The PPS is designed to mount directly underneath the receiver and provides power to the DC input jack of the receiver via a short length of cable with the standard concentric plug.

PPS mounted under WR-3150e (rear view)

PPS mounted under a WR-3150e (rear view).

To charge the batteries, the 12 Volt AC/DC adapter supplied with the external receiver may be connected directly to the PPS input jack.

While charging, external power is also available to the receiver, so that the receiver can continue operating. A bicolor LED on the front panel indicates the charging status.

A battery charge test button makes it possible to determine remaining battery charge using a LED bar-graph.

PPS - testing the battery charge

Testing remaining battery charge.

If the battery charge falls to a dangerously low level, the LED indicator will flash. Typically, this will occur within the last 15 minutes of operation.

If external power is not reconnected before the batteries are completely discharged, the PPS will automatically disconnect the battery output, to prevent a complete discharge of the battery cells which might shorten their life.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 121 x 215 x 26mm
(4.76"x 8.46"x 1.02")
Weight 900g
(31.2 oz)
Cell type NiMH 1300mA
Maximum output current (continuous) 750mA
Maximum output current (peak) 1.0A
Typical output voltage range 10.7-14.2V
Input voltage range for correct operation 10.5-14.0V
Maximum input voltage 16.0V
Typical charge time from flat 2 hours
Typical operating time
(from full charge, running WR-1500 series receiver)
4 hours
Storage time from full charge to 20% capacity 30 days
Operating temperature range (charging, plugpack connected) 10-40 ° C
Operating temperature range (discharging, in operation) 0-50 ° C