WR-G303i Specifications

Receiver type DDS-based dual-conversion superheterodyne with software-defined last IF stage and demodulator
Frequency range 9 kHz - 30 MHz
Tuning resolution 1 Hz

(See Note 1.)

Image/Spurious Rejection 60 dB typ.
IP3 +5 dBm @ 20kHz
MDS -135 dBm
Spurious-free Dynamic Range 93 dB
Phase noise -148 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz
RSSI accuracy 5 dB
RSSI sensitivity 1 V

(See Note 2.)

AM 6 kHz
AMN 4 kHz
AMS 4 kHz
LSB, USB 2.5 kHz
CW 500 Hz
FM3 3 kHz
FM6 6 kHz
FMN 12 kHz
Scanning speed 40 channels/s

(AM/SSB/CW 10dB S/N)


(See Note 3.)

Mode 0.009-0.1 MHz 0.1-2 MHz 2-30 MHz
AM 9.0V 2.2V 0.9V
LSB, USB 3.0V 0.7V 0.3V
CW 1.2V 0.2V 0.1V
FM3, FM6, FMN 2.2V 0.4V 0.2V
Intermediate frequencies
IF1: 45 MHz
IF2: 12 kHz
Roofing filter 2 x 4-pole 15 kHz crystal filter
Frequency stability 10 ppm (0 to 60 C)
Antenna input 50 ohm (SMA connector)
Output 12 kHz IF2 output
(sound card Line Input
Form factor 2/3 length PCI card
Interface PCI 2.2 compliant
Dimensions Length: 195 mm (7.68")
(excluding mounting bracket)
Height: 99 mm (3.90")
(excluding edge connector)
Thickness: 19 mm (0.75")
(incl. components on either side)
Weight 310 g (10.9 oz)


1. The Professional Demodulator offers two additional demodulation modes, DSB and ISB.

2. The Professional Demodulator offers continuously adjustable IF bandwidth from 1 to 15000 Hz.

3. The AM sensitivity is specified at 30% modulation for 10 dB S/N ratio. For 80% modulation, typical AM sensitivity of WR-G303i is 0.3 V in 2-30 MHz range. The Professional Demodulator improves sensitivity further by making it posible to extend filter lengths, and adjust the IF bandwidth for optimum reception of the received signal: This results in a typical improvement by 2-3 dB on AM/SSB/FM and up to 10 dB on CW.

The WR-G303i receiver is truly one of the most sensitive receivers available, yet with an excellent dynamic range.

The following table illustrates the effect of the AM modulation depth and the Professional Demodulator on typical sensitivity figures:

AM Sensitivity (10 MHz, 10 dB S/N)
Demodulator 30% modulation 80% modulation
Standard 0.9 V 0.3 V
Professional 0.6 V 0.25 V

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.


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WR-G303i Receiver Card

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