WiNRADiO G303 Receiver Control Panel

G303 receiver front panel
(The optional Professional Demodulator is shown.)

In addition to the usual conventional displays and controls, the WiNRADiO G303 Receiver Front Panel contains some innovations, such as a multitude of tuning options (the control bar on the right above the clocks), three scanning modes, automatic step size selection, a truly remarkable S-meter which can show values in S-units, dBm or microvolts, and other facilities. There are AGC speeds to select from, and the AGC can be also entirely disabled and replaced with manual IF gain control.

When you click on the yellow triangle button next to the Power On/Off switch at bottom right, the Spectrum Scope will slide out at the bottom of the control panel:

Spectrum Scope<

And finally, at bottom-left, there is a window containing the all-important G303 Demodulator.

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.