G303 Series Application for Windows 2000, XP and Vista

Please note:

 This application software is suitable for G303i and G303e models of WiNRADiO receivers.

 If you have a DRM Demodulator/Decoder Option version older than 1.39, please upgrade it here.

 This software is provided here for evaluation purposes or as an upgrade for existing users. Certain innovative aspects of this software are protected by US and international patents or pending applications. Reverse engineering or copying WiNRADiO software features for commercial purposes is prohibited by relevant US and international legislation.

 To install the software, download the file to a temporary folder and unzip it. Then run the unzipped EXE file. If you experience downloading problems, use an alternative mirror location. If the downloaded ZIP file does not unzip, please check the file size to make sure that the entire file has been received. If the size is different from what it should be, please download the file again.

 The software available for download on this page installs only the Standard Demodulator package. However, if you have the Professional Demodulator already installed, this will be detected by the installer and the Professional Demodulator will be also upgraded automatically.

WiNRADiO G303 Series Application - Current Release

What is new in this release:

 Improved support for Microsoft Vista
 Reduced CPU usage
 Numerous internal improvements

Please report any problems to assist us in further improving the software.

  Version Date Released File Size Download
1.89 4 Sep 2007 2,714,217

WiNRADiO G303 Series Application - Previous (non-Vista) Release

What was new in this release:

 Support for "Digital Bridge" Virtual Sound Card in Professional Demodulator
 Improved scanning
 Improved DRM demodulator support
 Optimised performance when used in conjunction with ADS and Universal FSK Decoder
 User-definable front-panel LED status in Options menu
 More robust software installation routine

  Version Date Released File Size Download
1.75 18 Jun 2006 2,199,944

Note: Customers upgrading from version 1.74 and experiencing difficulties (which may occur on certain PC installations), please uninstall the G303 application first using the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs facility, then reinstall your original one from the supplied CD ROM, then install the 1.75 version upgrade over the original installation and reboot your PC. Please ensure all WiNRADiO programs are closed before upgrading. We do apologise for the inconvenience.