The coolest card for my PC?

"Of all the cool PC cards you can stick in your computer, WiNRADiO takes the cake."
Internet Magazine

Discover radio communications

Want to try something different? Something exciting? Heard about radio scanning? Maybe you always wanted a scanner, but never got around to getting one, or maybe it sounded too hard?

Plug the WiNRADiO card into your PC, fire up the Windows software and listen to real-time, professional radio transmissions.

You'll be amazed about what's going on around you: with WiNRADiO, be there the very minute it happens!

Ordinary AM/FM radios cover a limited range of commercial broadcast frequencies. To hear more, you need WiNRADiO.

WiNRADiO covers a frequency range over sixty times larger than that of your ordinary car radio!

Please note that listening to police and mobile phones may not be legal in your country or state.

What Is Included?

The entire WiNRADiO package contains :

  WiNRADiO Receiver Card
  WiNRADiO Software
  WiNRADiO Handbook
  WiNRADiO Start-up Indoor Antenna

WiNRADiO Package

WiNRADiO Receiver Card

The WiNRADiO receiver card plugs into a slot in the motherboard of your IBM compatible computer. The card contains a sensitive wide-band receiver, with connectors for an antenna and an external speaker or a headphone. Plug the card in and you're ready to go!


"...high quality workmanship, good reception and easy usage"
Chip Magazine

WiNRADiO Software

The WiNRADiO Windows-based software has impressive graphics and an extensive on-line help. It comes with an installer program which makes WiNRADiO installation very easy.

WiNRADiO Control Panel

"I don't know of any other scanner where I succeeded instantly in successful reception without studying the handbook..."
Radio Scanner Magazine

WiNRADiO Handbook

The WiNRADiO handbook provides full information on installation and use of WiNRADiO, and introduces you to radio scanning. The handbook discusses basic radio concepts, gives you a start-up list of interesting stations and bands to try (including NASA space programme frequencies) and offers many useful tips. The handbook also contains information for programmers to be able to write their own application software for WiNRADiO.

"WiNRADiO has enticing possibilities... The manual is an exciting book not only because of its beautiful cover, high quality paper, and easy instructions, but also because it contains a mix of operating and technical information about various aspects of radio you might have forgotten or never knew."
World Scanner Report Magazine

WRTH Award The WiNRADiO WR-1000i receiver won the Most Innovative Receiver of the Year Award by the World Radio and TV Handbook.

CNET See also this CNET TV review. The receiver even made it to their list of Top Ten Most Desirable Gizmos for your PC! What do I need?

 IBM PC (will work even on your old 486)
 Windows 3.1, 95/98, 2000 or NT
 Vacant slot for 16-bit interface card
 Standard Multimedia Speaker or Headphones
 WiNRADiO WR-1000i Receiver


 WiNRADiO WorldStation Database Manager
 WiNRADiO Digital Suite
 WiNRADiO Trunking Option

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