WiNRADiO WorldStation™ Database Manager (Version 2)

Note: This software has been superseded. Please consider our suggested replacement software WaveBase 3.

WiNRADiO WorldStation Database

This facility can be used to quickly tune a WiNRADiO receiver to a desired station, or to identify an unknown station the receiver is currently tuned to.

Upon installation, the Database Manager will appear in the "Plugins" menu of the WiNRADiO receiver application, and can be invoked from there.

The program can display stations within a certain (user configurable) frequency interval, for the user to be able to determine the likeliest sources of uknown transmissions.

The database contains approximately 1.6 million of uptodate radio frequencies world-wide, can be searched using a combination of various search criteria, and the receiver can be tuned by simply clicking on a database record.

In addition to the frequency, modulation mode, location, country and callsign, each record can also contain class, power, geographical co-ordinates and comment fields.

The display is user-configurable allowing the user to choose items for display and the space allocated to them. Displayed records can be sorted according to a variety of criteria.

There is also an import facility which makes it possible to import frequency lists from other sources. Records resulting from the database search can be also exported.

The WorldStation Database Manager is compatible with all WiNRADiO receivers, including G3 series receivers.