MS-8108SR Integrated Radio Monitoring System

MS-8108SR Integrated Monitoring System  Fully integrated monitoring solution
 Compact self-contained rack-mount system
 Automatic antenna switching
 Independent surveillance of eight channels
 Compression and storage of demodulated signals
 Choice of receivers for a wide frequency range
 Automated scheduling of surveillance tasks
 Master/Slave signal search operations

The MS-8108SR system consists of the MS-8108 Multichannel Radio Monitoring System and the WA-811 Antenna Distribution Unit, integrated in a self-contained transportable rack-mount system. All that's needed is a wide band antenna (the AX-12B is ideal), and the system is ready to be deployed.

Technical Specifications

Receivers 0.15 - 1500 MHz (WR-3150i-DSP)
0.15 - 2600 MHz (WR-3500i-DSP)
0.15 - 4000 MHz (WR-3700i-DSP)
(customer specified)
Dimensions 19" rackmount Height: 15.5" (394 mm)
Depth: 18.5" (470 mm)
Weight 64.5 lb (29.5 kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


 AX-12B Wide-band Antenna
 MS-8108/CSO Client/Server Option