MS-8108 Multichannel Radio Monitoring System


 Fully integrated monitoring system
 Eight independent channels
 Audio compression and storage
 Wide frequency range
 Automated task scheduling
 Master/Slave signal search

Until recently, the task of multichannel radio frequency surveillance and monitoring involved a number of separate radio receivers, audio recorders and other discrete components interconnected into bulky and expensive systems.

WiNRADiO MS-8108 system provides an elegant, fully integrated solution, specifically designed for computer-controlled automatic monitoring of frequencies ranging from below AM broadcast band up to low microwave, in all major modulation modes.

MS-8108 Multichannel Monitoring System

The MS-8108 system is designed to monitor radio frequencies on eight channels simultaneously, record digitized signals on the hard disk for easy later retrieval, and perform automatic decisions based on the received signals.

This system is based on a ruggedized heavy-duty 19" rackmounted industrial computer. The front panel features a colour SVGA 8.4" TFT display (touch panel optional). There is provision for connection of an external keyboard and mouse.

The built-in hard disk allows a typical storage of several months of continuous recording, and a re-writable CD-ROM or DVD drive makes archiving of recordings easy. The unit is capable of unattended operation and, if the Client/Server Option is fitted, it can be operated remotely. The recorded audio can also be remotely searched and streamed to the operator.


WiNRADiO card-based 3000-Series receivers are at the heart of MS-8108 systems, making it possible to achieve the necessary high level of integration. Each WiNRADiO receiver card contains a complete microprocessor-controlled wide-band receiver with a Digital Signal Processor, and external connections for an antenna and audio output. The receivers are designed to operate in the harsh electromagnetic environment existing inside a computer-based system.

User interface

The WiNRADiO MS-8108 system features an efficient, intuitive user interface not usually available with conventional monitoring systems.

The informative control panel includes many innovative features, designed to empower the user with a multitude of facilities suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from conventional logging and time-schedule recording, to sophisticated, fully automated surveillance operations.

Each channel allows for independent operation of a high-performance scanning receiver with sophisticated functions such as automatic task scheduler, spectrum scope, signal strength recorder, programmable audio recorder, and many other features.

The virtual control panel of the MS-8108 system allows the user to observe the status of individual receiver channels, a log of tasks already performed, as well as a list of pending tasks, on a logically laid-out, easy-to-read screen. Each receiver has its fully interactive control panel, making it possible to determine each channel status at a glance.

Each receiver can operate totally indepedently, as a high-performance scanner. There are many scanning and tuning options, allowing the user to precisely specify the behaviour of the receiver while scanning is performed. Other special functions include a signal strength recorder, frequency logger with a sophisticated editor, programmable audio recorder, comprehensive frequency memory management functions, channel occupancy measurements, and many other features.

MS-8108 Individual Receiver Panel

Several different types of spectra can be displayed, including three-dimensional spectra which are particularly suitable for monitoring activity on a particular channel or in a particular band. Scanned spectra can be stored and printed for later reference. The Spectrum Scope also allows direct "click-on-peak" tuning of the associated receiver from within the scanned spectrum. The receiver can be also continuously tuned by dragging the cursor over the spectrum (the WiNRADiO popular Visitune tuning method).

MS-8108 Spectrum Display

MS-8108 Spectrum Display

Each of the eight receivers can display such spectra independently and there are several types of spectrum displays to choose from.

Master/Slave Signal Search

An important facility of the MS-8108 system is the "hand-off" feature, where a "master" scanning receiver can hand off a radio channel to another "slave" receiver if a signal is found, and then continue searching the band. The receiver to which the channel was handed off to can be programmed, for example, to record the signal. The hand-off operation is programmed easily using a step-by-step wizard.

Custom-tailored Solutions

The MS-8108 systems can be easily tailored to specific customer requirements.

One such popular configuration is the MS-8108SR system which is supplied in an integrated ruggedized mobile rack-mount unit together with the WiNRADiO WA-811 Antenna Distribution Unit and a rackmount keyboard.

Client/Server Option

The MS-8108 Client/Server software option makes it possible to operate the system remotely via a computer network or a dial-up telephone connection. The software provides a TCP/IP control path for the receivers and streaming audio feedback in real-time.

The software also allows the Client (the local computer) to initiate audio recording to the Server's hard disk. Associated functions allow the Client to search and stream the stored audio files over the network.

The Client/Server Option supports multiple simultaneous client connections (several physically separate users can listen to individual channels of a remote server independently) as well as multiple simultaneous server connections (several users can select amongst several servers).

The MS-8108 Client/Server Option supports a variety of sampling rates and compression algorithms for optimum sound quality and storage space.

Technical Specifications

The following specifications refer to the standard MS-8108 model. These specifications are to be taken as a guide only as the exact types of the receivers and the computer configuration can all be customized to suit customer specific requirements.

Computer 19" rack/panel mount, heavy duty
Receivers 0.15 - 1500 MHz (WR-3150i-DSP)
0.15 - 2600 MHz (WR-3500i-DSP)
0.15 - 4000 MHz (WR-3700i-DSP)
(customer specified)
Dimensions 19" rack-mount
Height: 4U (6.9" = 177mm)
Depth: 16.5" (415 mm)
Weight 42.9 lb (19.5 kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


 MS-8108SR Integrated System
 WA-0811 Antenna Distribution Unit
 AX-12B Wide-band Antenna
 MS-8108/CSO Client/Server Option