Note: This legendary model (the very first "WiNRADiO" which pioneered the entire industry of software-defined PC-based receivers) has been long superseded. But its legacy still lives on: Please consider some of our latest replacement models.


WRTH Award The winner of the Most Innnovative Receiver Award by the WRTH, this receiver is the world's first commercially available PC-based wide-band receiver. An extremely popular receiver, eminently suitable for low-cost VHF/UHF monitoring.

The frequency range is 500 kHz to 1.3 GHz (the US version excludes cellular frequencies 825-849 and 869-894 MHz).

The WiNRADiO WR-1000i hardware/software package consists of the receiver card, Windows-based software, a start-up antenna and a 150-page book which provides introduction to radio scanning, many interesting hints and frequency lists.

WiNRADiO Package

Software options include Digital Suite, Trunking Option and Database Manager.

This receiver was intended for PC users looking for interesting applications for their PCs, scanner enthusiasts and radio amateurs. However, it increasingly found its way into many specialized professional applications as well.


The ISA card plugs into the motherboard of an IBM-compatible PC. Up to eight cards can be controlled by one PC. There is a connector for the antenna and an external speaker.

WiNRADiO Receiver Card

No cables or power supplies needed - no clutter on your desk. Just plug in and scan!


WiNRADiO Virtual Control Panel

The software features numerous tuning and scanning options, virtually unlimited memories and a rich on-line help facility. Support is also provided for software developers wishing to write their own applications code for WiNRADiO receivers.

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Quotes and Reviews

"....high quality workmanship, good reception and easy usage" Chip Magazine

"WiNRADiO has enticing possibilities... The manual is an exciting book not only because of its beautiful cover, high quality paper, and easy instructions, but also because it contains a mix of operating and technical informations about various aspects of radio you might have forgotten or never knew."
World Scanner Report

"WiNRADiO is a unique and useful monitoring product."
Monitoring Times


WIRED is one of the most forward thinking magazines on this planet. They also looked at WiNRADiO WR-1000i and were impressed.

"I don't know of any other scanner where I succeeded instantly in successful reception without studying the handbook..."
Radio Scanner Magazine

"A scanner user's dream, this.... Add to the low price the extraordinary flexibility and user-friendliness of the supplied software and you have a product of considerable merit."
Radio and Communications

CNET In a CNET TV review, the WiNRADiO WR-1000i receiver made it to the prestigious list of the Top Ten Most Desirable Gizmos for your PC.

"Of all the coolest cards you can stick into your PC, WiNRADiO takes the cake."
Internet Magazine

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