WiNRADiO G3, G3xDDC and G6xDDC Series Diagnostic Tool

This tool makes it possible to check all your WiNRADiO G3, G3xDDC and G6xDDC series software installations, detect errors or correct the XRS subsystem.

In most cases you can use the report to diagnose and rectify the problem on your side (for example, problems caused by corrupted software installation are usually easy to fix by simply reinstalling the software).

If you are unable to solve the problem, you may like to send us the diagnostics report produced by this tool for us to be able to assist you.

WiNRADiO G3 Series Diagnostic Tool

WiNRADiO Diagnostic Tool detects several types of software problems:

1. Driver errors (drivers not found in the system directory, not loaded in memory, or having invalid registry entries).
2. WiNRADiO API errors (dynamic link libraries not found or failing to open).
3. Application installation errors (miscellaneous files such as fonts or control applets not installed properly).
4. XRS subsystem errors (ambiguous path to XRS plugins or XRS path variable not found).
5. Windows related problems (insufficient user rights to access drivers or Win API calls failing).

Errors 1-3 should be resolved by WiNRADiO software reinstallation.
Error 4 can be resolved by WiNRADiO software reinstallation or using the 'XRS repair' function.
Error 5 may indicate Windows problems and Windows reinstallation may be required.

Instructions for use

If you have a software problem and intend to send your software information to us for assistance, please do the following:

  • Close your WiNRADiO receiver application if it is currently running.
  • Run the diagnostic program.
  • Generate the report by pressing "Get info".
  • Select "Copy report" from the File menu. This will copy the report to the Clipboard.
  • Insert the Clipboard information into your email message to us (using Shift Ins).

Please note that this diagnostic tool assumes that you are using the latest available receiver application. Before using it, we recommend that you upgrade your receiver application to the latest available version.

Download WiNRADiO G3, G3xDDC and G6xDDC Series Diagnostic Tool for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

  Version Date Released File Size Download
2.19 15 May 2020 172,150

Note: After downloading the ZIP file, unzip it to a new folder and run the EXE file.