WA-811 Antenna Distribution System

WA-0611/0811 Antenna Distribution Unit
Note: This model has been superseded. Please consider our suggested replacement models WA-0831 and WA-0851.

The WiNRADiO WA-811 Antenna Distribution System features 4 antenna inputs and 8 receiver outputs, and consists of antenna matrix switches, preamplifiers with an extremely high third order intercept point, and a combination of suitable filters. Fully integrated to achieve the best possible performance over a wide frequency range, this system is eminently suitable for government, defence, law enforcement and other demanding high-end applications.

The unit can be operated autonomously via a control panel, or remotely via an RS-232 link using Windows-based PC-resident software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. These units can be used with any third-party equipment, and are particularly suitable for WiNRADiO MS-8000-series Multichannel Surveillance and Monitoring Systems, for which they provide user-transparent, fully automatic antenna switching.

The antenna inputs are configured as follows:

Antenna 1 0.15 - 30 MHz
Antenna 2 30 -100 MHz
Antenna 3 100-1500 MHz
Antenna 4 100-1500 MHz

The frequency boundaries can be customized to meet individual customer specifications. For each antenna input, an 18dB switchable attenuator and a band-stop filter for broadcast frequencies can be used. The attenuators and filters can be engaged for each antenna independently, either directly via the front panel or remotely via the serial port.

The unit also contains the following user-switchable filters, in addition to the fixed band preselector filters. These are used to reject broadcast frequencies:

Ant. 1 Filter 0.515-1.610 MHz
Ant. 2 Filter 88-108 MHz
Ant. 3 Filter 88-108 MHz
Ant. 4 Filter 88-108 MHz

The unit also contains power supplies for external antenna preamplifiers (+12V is applied to the antenna leads). These voltages are normally switched off by default, and can be selectively enabled/disabled in remote operation mode.


Front View

Antenna Distribution Unit - Front Panel

The front panel of the WA-811 unit is divided into a keypad area and the status display. The keypad is used to enter the matrix configuration (which receiver is connected to which antenna), to switch on/off the attenuators and band-stop filters, and to enable/disable remote control.


Rear View

Antenna Distribution Unit - Rear View

The antennas are connected using N-type connectors at the rear of the unit. The receivers are connected via BNC connectors. Connecting to the RS-232 serial port is done via a standard 9-pin connector. An optional second RS-232 port may be installed by special requirement. (This is usually used in high-reliability redundancy systems where the second RS-232 port is connected to a back-up computer equipment.)


Remote Operation

In remote operation mode, the unit will accept commands from the host computer and continue showing the current settings on the front panel status display. The unit can be controlled and its status interrogated via the serial interface, using a set of low level commands.


Control Software

For easy control of the unit from a PC under Windows, virtual control panel software is available, and supplied as part of the package. This software has a self-explanatory graphical user interface which makes it possible for the operator to observe what is happening inside the unit:

Antenna Distribution Unit Control Software

Virtual control panel of WA-811

The status of the antenna matrix is observed in a grid of antenna inputs and receiver outputs, and is easily changed by clicking on the intersecting lines. The status of filters and attenuators is shown by highlighting of the active attenuators or filters, and changed by simply clicking on the corresponding function blocks. Note also that power for the external antenna preamplifiers can be controlled from here, by clicking on the associated power supply blocks.

Technical Specifications
Configuration 4 inputs / 8 outputs
Fully non-blocking
Gain 0 dB typ.
Frequency range 0.15 MHz to 1500 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm (all inputs and outputs)
Max input level +20 dBm for no damage
Gain compression point
Antenna Input Frequency 1dB GPC
1 27 MHz +27 dBm
2 50 MHz +20 dBm
3 800 MHz +1 dBm
4 1400 MHz +5 dBm
Second and third order intercept points (typical values)
Antenna Input Frequency IP2 IP3
1 2 MHz +85 dBm +37 dBm
2 50 MHz +65 dBm +30 dBm
3 800 MHz +53 dBm +11 dBm
4 1400 MHz +53 dBm +15 dBm
Dynamic range (typical values)
Antenna Input Frequency Dynamic range
1 2 MHz 111 dB
2 50 MHz 107 dB
3 800 MHz 97 dB
4 1400 MHz 97 dB
Output-to-output isolation
(typical values)
Frequency Isolation
20 MHz 87 dB
100 MHz 75 dB
400 MHz 67 dB
1490 MHz 65 dB
Input-to-output isolation
(typical values)
Frequency Isolation
20 MHz 60dB
100 MHz 46 dB
400 MHz 37 dB
1490 MHz 35 dB
Power 120/240 VAC, selectable
Dimensions Width: 19" rack
Height: 3RU (5.25" = 133 mm)
Depth: 14.4"(365 mm)
Weight 19.5 lb (8.8 kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

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