Test Tools

This WiNRADiO test tool is a handy, low-cost device suitable for survey and troubleshooting of environment in which to operate your computer controlled receiver, to assist in locating interference sources and ensuring the best possible reception.

ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

The WiNRADiO ERD-1500 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is an exceptionally efficient RF Sniffer developed to quickly and reliably locate sources of electromagnetic interference. The detector contains a miniature wide-band antenna with a quality amplifier and high-performance Schottky barrier detection diodes for maximum sensitivity. The detector features optical (LED) and acoustic (piezo speaker) indication. The brightness of the indicator LED and the pitch of the audible tone will increase proportionally with the strength of the detected signal, making it simple and easy to locate the interference source.