WR-G528e 'CHEETAH' Detailed Technical Specifications

Input frequency range 0.01-30 MHz (direct input section), 30-3000 MHz (heterodyne section),
separate SMA inputs, paths internally switchable
Tuning resolution 1 MHz
Output frequency 70 MHz
Output bandwidth 22 MHz
Gain 30 dB typ.
Noise figure 15 dB typ.
Internal spurii less than -100 dBm of eq. antenna input
except for 30 MHz reference clock at typ. -70 dBm
and its multiples at less than -90 dBm typ.
IF rejection >40 dB typ.
Image rejection >40 dB typ.
Maximum input level +10 dBm
Attenuation control 0-20 dB in 1 dB steps
(30 to 3000 MHz path only)
IP3 -3 dBm @ 1060 MHz with interfering signals at 1040 MHz and 1050 MHz
Input impedance 50 ohm (SMA connector)
Output impedance 50 ohm (SMA connector)
Amplitude ripple 3 dB typ.
Phase ripple 3 degrees typ.
Phase adjustment range 60 degrees
Phase adjustment resolution 0.25 degrees
Channel-to-channel isolation 40 dB typ.
Total phase noise -86 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset (30 MHz internal ref.)
Tuning speed 5 ms typ.
Frequency stability 1 ppm (or external reference)
External reference 10 MHz or 30 MHz (-5 dBm to +15 dBm)
LO1 3950 to 6920 MHz (accessible to the user at 0 dBm +/- 5 dB via SMA LO1 Out)
LO2 3850 or 3990 MHz (accessible to the user at +5 dBm via SMA LO2 Out)
IF1 3920 MHz (accessible to the user with 0 dB gain, 30 MHz BW, SMA output)
Phase-coherent capability Inbuilt two-way splitters on LO1 and LO2 for two-channel phase-coherent operation
HF Mode Preselector Switchable AM BCB filter
HF Mode Preamplifier 20 dB switchable
HF Mode Antialiasing Filter 30 MHz LPF
Power consumption 6 W typ.
Control interface USB 2.0 or RS-232C
Dimensions 91 x 68 x 47 mm (3.6" x 2.7" x 1.9")
Weight 375 g (13.2 oz)
Operating temperature -10 to +60 C
Humidity 20-90% non-condensing


Due to continuous product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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