WR-G315 Research and Education Function

One of the unique features of the WR-G315 receiver is its research and education function, which can be used to study the internal workings of the software defined demodulator, and see the demodulation process taking place.

The Study Button

This facility is entered by pressing the Study button in the demodulator panel. For each demodulation mode, its internal demodulator structure is revealed, accompanied by a set of observation and measurement tools. The G315 demodulator relies on a quadrature (I & Q) representation of the incoming modulated signals.

The displayed interactive demodulator structure includes two real-time spectrum analyzers. Each analyzer can be associated with any of the test points shown as colored dots in the diagram. To connect the left spectrum analyzer to a particular test point, left-click on the green test point.

Within the displayed spectra, a cursor can be manually dragged over a particular spectral component, displaying its associated frequency and level. A vector voltmeter also indicates the relative amplitude and phase difference between the two spectra at the cursor frequency.

AM Demodulator Structure

WR-315 AM Demodulator Structure