WR-G313e Reviews

The WiNRADiO G313e receiver features impressive performance and many innovative features, and many customers and independent reviewers agree: This is a truly ground-breaking software-defined receiver which provides a demanding user with a superior alternative to conventional receivers, at an affordable price.

WiNRADiO WR-G313e receiver - rear view
WR-G313e receiver - rear view

The excellent sensitivity with a noise floor at ‑138 dBm levels, is combined with a respectable 95 dB dynamic range, a panoramic real-time spectrum display with an incredible 16 Hz resolution bandwidth, continuous IF bandwidth adjustment and other powerful features many of which are not available on receivers costing orders of magnitude more.

The WR-G313e receiver was reviewed by a number of reputable international radio magazines with very impressive conclusions:

Short Wave Magazine

"With no need to open up the PC, installation is extremely straightforward. All you do is connect up the power, antenna and USB cables and run the software installer that's on the CD. It took all of five minutes before I had the receiver set up and ready to go."

"Overall, the G313, in both its forms, remains my receiver of choice when trying to extract weak signals out of noise and interference. The Synchronous a.m. mode is particularly effective, and the i.f. filters manage to cut a very sharp line between passband and stopband."

"If you have been tempted by the G313i but couldn't physically accommodate it in your PC. then I can certainly recommend getting the new G313e. Although dearer than the G313i, it is still excellent value as you get top-class performance and a lot of powerful features for the money, as well as the option of mobile operation. WiNRADiO has shown that it can keep a steady stream of software upgrades (all free) and the availability of a good DRM demodulator also helps to keep these receivers ahead of the pack. It's not really a beginner's radio, but anyone who is serious about h.f. listening should definitely consider the G313. Now that we have two versions of it, there's no reason not to."

World Radio TV Handbook 2006

"So what would I like to retain in my own radio room? The WiNRADiO G313e is a splendid receiver in all respects, and an excellent example of what can be achieved in a contemporary software-defined radio."

"All in all, the G313e is an excellent receiver for both conventional and DRM broadcast reception and will undoubtedly enhance WiNRADiO's reputation for quality and value for money.

"Overall rating: 5 stars"

5 stars