WR-G313 Test and Measurement Facility

The WR-G313 receiver can be used as a convenient test and measurement tool for professional and consumer applications.

The Test button

This facility is entered by pressing the Test button in the demodulator panel. It includes several types of measurements of signal properties as well as a real-time audio spectrum analyzer which makes it possible to observe the demodulated signal spectrum with 5 Hz resolution.

There is a marker which can be dragged with the mouse and the associated frequency and level displayed. The spectrum graph can be zoomed in and out, revealing the finest details of the demodulated spectrum.

The Frequency error display indicates the frequency error of the received signal (assuming the receiver is tuned to the correct frequency).

The AM depth display measures depth of amplitude modulated signals with 1% accuracy, and the FM deviation display shows frequency deviation of frequency modulated signals.

The THD and SINAD buttons enable the measurement of Total Harmonic Distortion and SINAD (signal-plus-noise-plus-distortion to noise-plus-distortion ratio), respectively. The test frequency for these two functions (which should be equal to the modulating audio frequency applied to the RF test signal connected to the antenna) can be adjusted using the Test frequency edit box.

Using the SINAD test facility, the WR-313i receiver also offers its user the ability to measure its own sensitivity - only a standard signal generator is needed to connect to the antenna.

G313 Test and Measurement Facility

WR-313 test and measurement facility