Download WiNRADiO Software for Mac OS

Please note:

  WiNRADiO currently supports Macintosh with the WR-1550e receiver, which is required to operate this software. Without this receiver, the software will work in a demo (no sound) mode.

  This software is provided here for evaluation purposes or as an upgrade for existing users. Certain innovative aspects of this software may be protected by pending US and international patent applications. Reverse engineering or copying WiNRADiO software features for commercial purposes is prohibited by relevant US and international legislation.

  For more information about which models of Macintosh are supported and what you need to set-up a Macintosh-based communications radio system, refer to our MacRadio page.

  This software has extensive on-line help. The help files are written in HTML and are accessed via the Web browser installed on the Mac. Depending on the system configuration, the Mac may display a request for the application name (in this case, the browser) when the on-line help is used for the first time. If such a request appears, with wording "Could not find the application that created the document..." or similar, you will need to select your preferred browser from the list of applications that is presented in the dialog box. This dialog box will not appear again after this first selection. Alternatively, with some versions of MacOS 9, you may need to launch the File Exchange control panel, select the PC Exchange tab, scroll down to the 'htm' file type, then change the associated application to your preferred browser.

 If running under Mac OS X when downloading this software, the downloaded '.hqx' file will be decoded automatically by the Mac to produce the installer program, 'WiNRADiO Installer'. In most cases this will also happen automatically under Mac OS 9. If it does not, you may have to 'drag-drop' it onto the Stuffit Expander application, or onto its alias. (Stuffit Expander is a standard Mac application, and should be inside a subfolder of the Internet folder on your hard disk). Double-clicking on 'WiNRADiO Installer' begins the installation process. Note that 'WiNRADiO Installer' will be seen as a 'Classic Application' when running under Mac OS X, so the installation process will begin by automatically launching the 'Classic Environment' first, as described on our MacRadio page. If you get a message 'The document ... could not be opened, because the application program that created it could not be found' or similar, please use the 'drag-drop' method described above.

Downloading the latest version of the Keyspan driver

If you have purchased a Keyspan USB to serial adapter to connect the radio to a USB port on your Mac, it is recommended that you download the current version of the Keyspan driver from the Keyspan Website, in case the driver on the supplied CD is not the latest version. The following information assumes you have the Keyspan model USA-19 adapter:

1. Browse to and go to the 'Downloads' section.

2. Select 'Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x' (do not select 'Mac OS X', even if your Mac runs OS X, as the Keyspan adapter has to run in the 'Classic Environment' when used with WiNRADiO).

3. Select the 'USB PDA Adapter' (for USA19, etc) from the list. The version number should be 2.5 or higher.

4. Once you donwload it, your browser should auto-extract the installer, named 'Install Keyspan USA19 (2.5)'. If it does not, then refer to the notes above describing the WiNRADiO software download.

5. Double-click the installer to start the installation process. Note that the installer will be seen as a 'Classic Application' when running under Mac OS X, so the installation process will begin by automatically launching the 'Classic Environment' first, as described on our MacRadio page.

6. During the installation, a message asks you to unplug the Keyspan adapter, even if one is not plugged in. If it is plugged in, unplug it before proceeding, otherwise just press OK.


Current version

This version improves reliability when running in 'Classic' mode on an OS X Mac. A symptom observed in the previous version was that the program could experience a port timeout and quit running. The timeout configuration for the USB to serial connection had not made sufficient allowance for OS X allocating time to other processes.

Version File Size Download
1.80 729604

Previous version

Version File Size Download
1.70 729249