Computer systems

WiNRADiO specializes in computer-based radio; therefore it comes as no surprise that we are also often called upon to supply complete computerized systems for radio surveillance and monitoring. Most of our computer systems are provided tailored to particular customer-specific applications. We also supply generic ruggedized rack-mount computers with extremely low radio frequency interference.

Due to the fast changing nature of the computer market, the systems shown below demonstrate only basic computer types without going to specific details - these can be provided upon request and exactly tailored to a customer's application.

Please talk to us directly about your specific requirements.

Computer system type Description
Low cost ruggedized rack mount computers Low-cost ruggedized rack-mount computers

This type of and industrial-grade computer system is suitable for personal and professional use, especially with WiNRADiO internal (card-based) receivers. We are able to offer obsolescence-proof systems, able to accommodate one or several receiver cards, their performance easily upgradable thanks to the use of easily replacable industrial-grade SBCs at the heart of the units.

Radio server Radio servers

Radio servers are heavy-duty ruggedized computers capable of running unattended for an extended period of time, performing radio surveillance and monitoring activities. Often these units are provided with several (typically up to 8) receivers per server, with a large local storage sufficient for days, months or even years of signal logging, accessible remotely via a TCP/IP connection anywhere in the world.

Computer array Computer arrays

WiNRADiO computer arrays excel in large surveillance and monitoring installations, where tens, hundreds or thousands of channels need to be constantly and unfailingly monitored, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use reliable ruggedized computers with backup power and redundant architecture, equipped with proven WiNRADiO receivers covering frequencies from low VLF to high SHF. The entire arrays can be controlled by local operators or remotely from anywhere in the world via a TCP/IP network.

Ruggedized computer system Ruggedized transportable computer systems

We are often asked why we make our own ruggedized enclosures - the answer is that we were not satisfied with any such third party products. WiNRADiO's own ruggedized portable rack-mount enclosures have proven themselves over the years, in many installations, in the harshest of environments, thanks to the choice of durable materials and our uncompromising quest for design quality. The in-built shock-absorbers ensure that the sensitive radio and computer equipment survives much more than just a little harsher handling. We supply many of our monitoring systems in these enclosures, which have the advantage that rack-mount radio and computer equipment can be operated directly from inside the shipping enclosure, without a need of any other additonal packaging, and without a need of ever removing the equipment from the enclosure.

Portable ruggedized computer system Ruggedized portable computer systems

We offer portable ruggedized computers for many applications: Equipped with our standard receivers for general monitoring and surveillance, or with our specialized equipment for specific applications such as drive-by signal strength logging or direction-finding. Lightweight and durable, our ruggedized portable computer systems are capable of operating from three power sources; their own rechargeable battery, vehicle battery, or mains power, to ensure maximum flexibility.