WiNRADiO S-meter Calibrator

The WiNRADiO S-meter Calibrators are suited for an advanced user who requires absolute signal level measurements with the WiNRADiO 1000, 1500, 3000 series receivers, and further improvement of S-meter accuracy of G3 series WiNRADiO receivers by individual calibration.

These programs require the use of a synthesized signal generator to generate calibration levels in the frequency ranges of interest, and are provided here on an "as is" basis, as complimentary tools for WiNRADiO receiver users. The calibration procedures should not be attempted by persons without a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts, as WiNRADiO can only provide a limited technical support for these applications, and can accept no liability for any problems arising from their use.

WR-1000, WR-1500, WR-3000
and WR-G303 Receiver Series
WR-G313 Receiver Series