WiNRADiO Antenna Cable

WiNRADiO Antenna Cable

As a convenience to our customers, WiNRADiO offers coaxial antenna cable assemblies in standard lengths, suitable for a quick and easy set-up of a radio listening station.

If you can't find a cable type (or length) you need, please contact us for a quote for a cable to suit your specific requirement.

Technical Specifications
Ordering code Cable type Length Connectors
WR-AC-BNC-RG58-5 RG-58 C/U 5m (approx 16ft) 2 x BNC
WR-AC-BNC-RG58-10 RG-58 C/U 10m (approx 32ft) 2 x BNC
WR-AC-BNC-RG58-20 RG-58 C/U 20m (approx 65ft) 2 x BNC
WR-AC-UHF/BNC-RG58-5 RG-58 C/U 5m (approx 16ft) 1 x UHF, 1 x BNC
WR-AC-UHF/BNC-RG58-10 RG-58 C/U 10m (approx 32ft) 1 x UHF, 1 x BNC
WR-AC-UHF/BNC-RG58-20 RG-58 C/U 20m (approx 65ft) 1 x UHF, 1 x BNC

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

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