Hardware Options

WiNRADiO hardware options enhance the WiNRADiO receivers by extending their connectivity or by introducing additional hardware facilities.

Accesories for G3 Series Receivers

Option Description
WR-PPS-G3 Portable Power Source WR-PPS-G3
Portable Power Source

The Portable Power Source for G3 Series Receivers (PPS-G3) is an optional add-on for external G3 receiver models to provide mains-independent power for field operation. The PPS-G3 contains four high-capacity LiPo (Lithium Polymer) cells, capable of providing power to a G3 series external receiver for up to 6 hours.

WR-AMFE Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Entender WR-AMFE
Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Entender

The WiNRADiO AMFE™ Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Extender fulfills a dual role of an antenna switching unit and a frequency downconverter, making it possible to easily interface separate HF, VHF, UHF and SHF antennas to a wide-band receiver, as well as provide frequency down-conversion for input signals up to 8.6 GHz.

UHF/SHF Down-convert WR-G20DWC
UHF/SHF Down-converter

The WiNRADiO WR-G20DWC is a high-performance single-conversion frequency down-converter suitable for input frequencies up to 20 GHz.

WR-G3E-SIO Serial Interface Option WR-G3E-SIO
Serial Interface Option

This option allows you to connect a WR-G303e or WR-G305e receiver to a PC using the serial (RS-232C) interface rather than the standard USB interface. The receiver works somewhat differently with the serial interface: While with USB interface the receiver relies on its own built-in analog-to-digital converter to digitize the signal, with the serial interface option the input digitization is performed by the PC sound card.

Note: This option is not suitable for WR-G313e or WR-G315e receivers.

Replacement USB cable
This is a spare part for the original USB cable supplied with your G3 series receiver.
Order this if you lose or damage your original cable.
WR-G3E-WMB Wall-Mounting Bracket WR-G3E-WMB
Wall-Mounting Bracket

This wall-mounting bracket makes it possible to attach an external G3 series receiver to a wall or under a desk, thus saving desk space. Also applicable for installations in boats and motor vehicles. An elegant and useful accessory.

Accessories for 1000, 1500 and 3000 Series Receivers

Option Description
PC Card Adapter WiNRADiO PC-card Adapter

The WiNRADiO PC Card Adapter consists of an interface card and a cable making it possible to connect a WiNRADiO receiver to a laptop computer with a standard PC Card socket, confirming to the PCMCIA Type II standard. Suitable for all receiver models WR-1000e, WR-1550e, WR-3150e, WR-3500e and WR-3700e.

WiNRADiO-to-Mac Serial Interface Cable WiNRADiO-to-Mac Serial Interface Cable

The WiNRADiO-to Mac Serial Interface Cable is designed to provide a reliable connection between the WR-1550e receiver and an older style Macintosh computer equipped with a standard serial port. Native MacOS software for such arrangement (MacRadio) is available for free download. (Not necessary to use with WiNRADiO G3 receivers and modern Macintosh models.)

Telephone Control Interface WiNRADiO Telephone Control Interface

The WiNRADiO Telephone Control Interface makes it possible to control a WiNRADiO receiver remotely via a standard telephone line. Suitable for receiver models WR-1550e, WR-3150e, WR-3500e and WR-3700e.