WiNRADiO WSS-420 Weather Satellite System - Example of Received Images

In February 2011, cyclone Yasi has hit and devastated large areas of the state of Queensland, Australia. This was the largest tropical storm to strike Australia since records started.

The WSS-420 system located on the roof of our Melbourne office provided a real-time coverage of this event, thanks to the NASA NOAA18 orbiting HRPT satellite.

In the following picture you can see the cyclone approaching the east coast of Australia:

Cyclone Yasi approaching North-East Queensland, Australia

(Click on this image to see the full-size version.)

The optional WR-WSDA-420 Weather Satellite Data Analyzer Software provides a variety of useful tools to analyze the received data, examine and enhance weather images. The software is also able to generate various data products such as Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Land Surface Temperature (LST), Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI) and many others.

The following image is an enhanced version of the previous one, showing surface temperatures:

Enhanced version of the above image

(Click on this image to see the full-size version.)