WA-0108/WA-0208 Antenna Distribution Units

The WiNRADiO WA-0108 antenna distribution units serve to split a signal from a single antenna input to eight outputs, to facilitate connection of up to 8 receivers to the same signal source. An in-built low-noise amplifier compensates for the splitting loss.

The WA-0208 models combine a signal from two antenna inputs before splitting it to eight outputs.

These models are available in several versions, their performance optimized for different frequency bands and tailored to specific applications.

Customized antenna distribution solutions are also available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Model Frequency range Application
WA-0108/H 0.15-50 MHz Single-input general-purpose unit for HF applications.
WA-0108/V 88-160 MHz Single-input unit for FM broadcast and airband applications.
WA-0108/B 137-180 MHz Single-input unit for VHF marine and sonobuoy telemetry applications.
WA-0108/U 50-1600 MHz Single-input general-purpose unit for VHF/UHF applications.
WA-0208/HV 0.15-50 MHz
88-160 MHz
Dual-input unit for general AM/FM radio broadcast use.
WA-0208/HU 0.15-50 MHz
50-1600 MHz
Dual-input general-purpose unit for HF and VHF/UHF use.