The integration of a communications receiver and a PC pioneered by WiNRADiO has brought about an increasing number of functions and features that have never been available on a radio receiver before. Our Visitune feature is one of them.

Called the "ultimate scanning sensation" by one of our beta testers, this new method of graphic tuning brings a totally new experience to tuning a receiver.

Imagine dragging your mouse across a scanned spectrum; click on a peak and you are tuned - our Spectrum Scope takes care of that.

Then hold the left mouse button down and keep dragging the frequency cursor - and that's the real Visitune trick: The receiver will tune continuously, smoothly following your hand movements.

The scanned frequency spectrum will be visible in the background, and you will hear the signals corresponding to the peaks on the spectrum, as you move past.

You can also select the "manual refresh" option, and the spectrum will update behind your cursor.

And if you were wondering why we made it possible to control more than one WiNRADiO with one PC, here is one of the reasons: If you install a second receiver, then you will be able to see the background frequency spectrum updating continuously in real time, while you are exploring the frequencies with your second receiver!

Visitune has brought about a major shift in the way we tune a receiver. Instead of the old tuning knob and dial, we will increasingly be seeing a spectrum analyzer at the centre of a virtual control panel of a PC-based receiver.

Tuning a communications receiver will never be the same again!

Two simple points to remember when using any WiNRADiO Spectrum Scope:

Click the left mouse button to tune.
Hold down and drag to Visitune!