WR-G420i HRPT/CHRPT Weather Satellite Data Receiver

Application Software Functionality
Systems Supported NOAA HRPT, FengYun CHRPT
Antenna Control Manual or automatic
Calibration Manual or automatic
Receiver Control Manual or automatic
Satellite Tracking
Selection Criteria User configurable by specifying minimum elevation and pass duration values
Tracking Method Fully automated predictive tracking using Two Line Elements
Overlap Handling User defineable or satellite with longest signal visibility automatically tracked
Scheduling Automatic scheduling of satellite tracking based on predicted orbits
Time Synchronization Configurable; computer real-time clock, or synchronized to UTC via internet using NTP protocol
Data Decoding Automatic bit rate selection, frame synchronization
Data Recording Manual or automatic
Displays Satellite positions in real time superimposed on world map, satellite tracking schedules,
recorded images, signal quality indicator
Image Processing
Editing Tools RGB false-colour editing of spectral channels
Noise Reduction Removal of speckle noise
Viewing Tools Zoom In/Out, Auto Scroll, Image Flip
Contrast Enhancement by histogram equalization
Data Output
Data Storage Format Streaming to disk in proprietary file format
Data Export Format NOAA level 1B (HRPT) file format
Image Output Format BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF
Image Printing Using connected printer

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