C/C++ Examples WiNRADiO G39WSB Series Receivers

For C/C++ coding, examples of five projects are provided. They are defined within the Visual C++ 2003/2005 Express environment and are compilable once the latest SDK is also installed and registered with the Visual C++ 2003/2005 Express environment. These are simple command line examples but they show how various things should be implemented in order to ensure proper code functionality. The same source files can be compiled for 64-bit binaries and should also be easily portable to any other compiler.

The examples cover the following aspects:

  • Opening the radio device by selecting it from a list of available devices and retrieving minimum information about the opened device;
  • Optimized scanning using pipelined functions;
  • Simple demodulator initializing and usage.

    The archive with the source files and project definitions can be downloaded here. The five projects are combined in a single solution, as defined by the Visual C++ 2005 Express environment. Resulting binaries are also provided in the release sub-directory in the archive.