Client/Server Option for WR-G35DDC (EXCALIBUR ULTRA) Receivers

The Networking Version of the WR-G35DDC application installer contains the Client/Server Option (CSO) which makes it possible to connect to a remote WR-G35DDC receiver over a network link (LAN or Internet), remotely control the receiver functions, listen to or record the streamed audio and observe the various spectra in real-time. It makes it also possible to record the DDC stream on the remote server and replay it again as needed. Audio recordings are performed directly on the client computer.

G35DDC Client/Server Option

The Networking Version needs to be installed on both the remote system (the Server) and the control computer (the Client). As the networking version installer already includes the full WR-G35DDC application, the standard (non-networking) WR-G35DDC application does not need to be installed separately.

Server Operation

The network server window makes it possible to control the WR-G35DDC server, log network events and manage connected clients.

G35DDC Client/Server Option - Server Operation

The server software makes it possible to select the optimum format for the streamed audio, as a compromise between the client side audio quality and the network load, maximum number of client connections, etc.

The Event Log contains a history of all server status changes, i.e. connection activity, audio format changes, errors, etc., to assist with troubleshooting of possible network connection issues.

The Clients window displays detailed network usage statistics for each connected client. It also makes it possible to disconnect selected clients.

Client Operation

The operation of the remote receiver via the client computer is very similar to that of a locally-connected WR-G35DDC receiver. Exactly the same graphical user interface is offered to the client user as if the receiver was connected directly to the client's computer, even though in reality it can be located on the opposite side of the globe.

There are numerous controls available in the client set-up window, which make is possible to allocate network resources to suit the user's requirements, for example trade off resolution bandwidth and refresh rate of the real-time spectrum displays for audio quality, etc.

G35DDC Client/Server Option - Client Set-up

Several useful connection profiles are provided for common situations in a typical network infrastructure, each offering a different trade-off between the required data throughput, the resolution bandwidth and refresh rate of spectrum displays. There are three predefined and three user-configurable profiles available.

System Requirements


 PC with 2.4 GHz quad core CPU or faster *
 1 GB of RAM
 One PCI-e bus slot
 WR-G35DDCi receiver
 Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8


 PC with 2.4 GHz quad core CPU or faster *
 1 GB of RAM
 Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

* The receiver will work with slower CPUs (minimum 2 GHz dual core), but this may result in somewhat reduced performance in terms of maximum achievable selectivity, DDC bandwidth and the number of simultaneously operated receiver channels.

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