WiNRADiO WR-G33RSS Signal Strength Measurement Module

The WiNRADiO WR-G33RSS Signal Strength Measurement Module is a specialized OEM building block suitable for a variety of industrial, scientific and other specialist applications where the ability to measure received signal strength within LF, HF, VHF and UHF frequency range is required.

The WR-G33RSS module does not include any signal demodulation capability - its single purpose is to measure signal strength. The module can be easily controlled via a serial interface (RS-232 or USB), with minimum programming required. Full programming support, including source codes and demo programs, is provided as part of the package. The device can be operated easily under standard operating systems, as well as be incorporated into application-specific embedded systems.


 Input frequency range 0.009 to 1800 MHz
 Signal strength measurement range -120 to -30 dBm
 Signal strength measurement accuracy 3 dB
 Switchable attenuator and preamplifier
 Measurement bandwidth 10 kHz
 High frequency stability 0.5 ppm
 Simple RS-232 or USB interfacing
 Analog IF output
 Source code and demo program supplied

WR-G33RSS Signal Strength Measurement OEM Module

The module is based on a double-conversion process, where the incoming frequency is down-converted to the output frequency 12 kHz. This IF output is also available as a standard feature of this device. Careful design ensures that images and spurious mixing products are significantly reduced. Tracking filters are employed in the front-end, and the module features impressive spurious-free dynamic range.

The system is robust and compact, and is powered from 12 V DC power supply (AC/DC adapter supplied), and consumes approx 6 W of power, with externally controlled power-saving mode provided.

Technical Specifications
Receiver type DDS-based dual-conversion superheterodyne
Frequency range 9 kHz - 1800 MHz
Tuning resolution 1 Hz
Frequency stability 0.5 ppm (0 to 60° C)
Image/Spurious rejection 60 dB
RSSI measurement range -120 to -30 dBm (0.2 µV to 7 mV) typ.
RSSI accuracy 3 dB (higher is achievable with individual calibration)
RSSI acquisition speed 100 measurements/s typ.
Scanning speed 60 channels/s typ.
Gain control 18 dB switchable attenuator
14 dB switchable preamplifier
Selectivity 10 kHz (-6 dB) for RSSI measurements
20 kHz (-6 dB) for IF output
Intermediate frequencies
IF1: 109.65 MHz
IF2: 12 kHz
Antenna input 50 ohm (SMA connector)
IF signal output 20 kHz bandwidth, centered at 12 kHz
Spurious-free dynamic range of IF signal output 92 dB
Interface RS-232C, USB (1.0 and 2.0 compatible)
Power 12 V DC ±5% @ 500 mA
Dimensions Length: 164 mm (6.46")
Width: 96 mm (3.78")
Height: 41 mm (1.61")
Weight 467 g (16.40 oz)

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continuous product development and improvement.

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