WR-G313i Reviews

The WiNRADiO G313i receiver is the highest performance HF receiver available on a single PCI card. The impressive performance has been confirmed by many customers worldwide, and independent reviewers agree: This is a truly ground-breaking DSP-based receiver which offers unprecedented performance and innovative features to a very demanding user, at a very affordable price.

WR-G313i receiver with options
WR-G313i receiver with hardware options fitted.

The excellent sensitivity with a noise floor at ‑138 dBm levels, is combined with a respectable 95 dB dynamic range, a panoramic real-time spectrum display with an incredible 16 Hz resolution bandwidth, continuous IF bandwidth adjustment and other powerful features many of which are not available on receivers costing orders of magnitude more.

The WR-G313i receiver was reviewed by the Monitoring Times, RadCom (UK), WRTH, as well as other international magazines with very impressive conclusions.

Monitoring Times

"The first thing that struck me at starting up the software was the real time spectrum display's speed - the built-in IF DSP is fast!"

"I ran a quick comparison between my ICOM R-8500 (fed from that same antenna/multicoupler) and the G313i. Good results from both radios, but I was delighted to see that the G313i was able to get a couple of kHz closer to the target signal than the 8500 at various (matching) filter bandwidths before AGC pumping and audio blowby became apparent."

"If you're even slightly inclined towards the synergy of combining computers and radio receivers, this device is definitely a major contender for your dollars, as it's the most sophisticated radio of this type in its price class."

"It will also give more expensive standalone radios a tight run for their money, too."

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"After using and testing the receiver, my overall thoughts were 'I'm impressed'. The WR-G313i has a technical performance matching that of conventional receivers in its price class, but with the operational versatility of professional receivers costing 5000 or more. I'm sure it will have many happy and very well satisfied owners."

"Of note is that the operating software is constantly being updated and is freely available from the WiNRADiO website, giving a considerable degree of 'future-proofing' to a purchased receiver - in fact I downloaded an update to improve the opration even more during the review period."

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World Radio TV Handbook 2005

"As with the G303i, the G313's lack of receiver spurious responses was quite astonishing given that the inside of a PC is hardly a hospitable electrical environment."

"The measured sensitivity was remarkably consistent over most of the frequency range at -119dBm for 10dB S+N/N."

"As with the G303i, it is a pleasure to be able to say that the G313i and its software display an outstanding combination of performance, functionality, quality and value for money."

"Overall rating: 5 stars"

5 stars