WR-G305e Receiver Options

The following hardware options are available for the WR-G305e receiver:

Wall-mounting bracket (WR-G3E-WMB)

WR-G3E-WMB wall-mounting bracket This wall mounting bracket makes it possible to mount the WR-G305e receiver to a wall or under a desk, thus saving desk space. Also useful for installation in boats and vehicles. An elegant and useful accessory.

Serial interface option (WR-G3E-SIO)

WR-G303E-SIO serial interface option

This option allows you to connect the receiver to a PC using the serial (RS-232C) interface rather than the standard USB interface.

The receiver works somewhat differently with the serial interface: While with USB interface the receiver relies on its own built-in analog-to-digital converter to digitize the signal, with the serial interface option the input digitization is performed by the PC sound card.

Wide-FM option (WR-G305-WFM)

Wide FM Option

Professional Demodulator with Wide-FM option activated.

With the standard G305 receiver, the FMW mode button is disabled and the wide FM demodulation mode is not available. This is because wide FM demodulation is not possible to be provided as part of the G305 software-defined radio system, within the constraints imposed by the processing power of a standard personal computer.

However, wide-band FM demodulation capability is available as a factory-installed option. This is in fact a self-contained "hardware-defined" receiver which shares only the main receiver's front-end and first mixer, but has an independent wide-band analog processing circuit with a conventional "hardwired" demodulator.

If the Wide FM Option is installed, the FMW button becomes active. The demodulator spectrum display shows real-time spectrum of the demodulated audio. In the Professional Demodulator there is a user-definable audio filter, displayed superimposed over the audio spectrum and graphically adjustable.