Upgrade of WiNRADiO Universal FSK Decoder for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Please note:

 This software is an upgrade only. It will work only if you have the original Universal FSK Decoder already installed. (It can be purchased directly online here.)

  Certain innovative aspects of this software may be protected by US and international patents or pending patent applications. Reverse engineering or copying WiNRADiO software features for commercial purposes is prohibited by relevant US and international legislation.

 To install the software, download the file to a temporary folder and unzip it. Then run the unzipped EXE file. If you experience downloading problems, use an alternative mirror location. If the downloaded ZIP file does not unzip, please check the file size to make sure that the entire file has been received. If the size is different from what it should be, please download the file again.

 For the Universal FSK Decoder to work with WiNRADiO G3 series receivers, please ensure you have the latest version of the G3 series receiver application software installed.

WiNRADiO Universal FSK Decoder - Current Release

What's new in the current release:

 Added support for WR-G35DDC receiver
 Removed support for WR-1xxx and WR-3xxx receivers
 Various internal improvements and optimizations

Please report any problems to assist us in further improving the software.

  Version Date released File size Download
3.94 28 Apr 2015 1,728,051

WiNRADiO Universal FSK Decoder - Previous Release

What was new in the previous release:

 Added support for WR-G33DDC receiver
 Added automatic recovery from damaged configuration files
 Various minor code improvements and optimizations

  Version Date released File size Download
3.84 11 Nov 2011 1,399,296