Data Output on 1500/3000 Series Receivers

1500-3000 Series - rear view

The RCA connector marked "Data" at rear of 1500/3000 Series "e" (external model) WiNRADiO receivers provides output for the narrow FM (FMN mode) discriminator. This can be used for decoding of various digital signals with better accuracy than when using the audio output (the audio output has additional filtering which is optimized for listening, but not for digitally coded signals).

Some software decoders (both WiNRADiO and third party) can take advantage of this facility. For example, the WiNRADiO Trunking Option can take advantage of this data output for improved decoding of the trunking network control channel.

The "Data" output signal can be connected directly to the Line Input of a PC sound card. For this purpose, an optional 120 cm (4 ft) cable providing RCA connector to audio jack interfacing is available from WiNRADiO, order code WR-RCA-03:

WR-RCA-03 Interfacing Cable

The technical parameters of the "Data" output are as follows:
Voltage swing: 1.8-2.8V (there is a DC component of approx 2.3V)
Maximum current: 2.3mA