Calibration Editor

The WiNRADiO Calibration Editor offers a simple way of calibrating the signal strength indicator (RSSI) of Series II of WiNRADiO receivers (WR-1550, WR-3150, WR-3500 and WR-3700).

This facility is suited for an advanced user, making it possible to optimize the performance of the signal strength indicator, adjust it in order to maximize squelch sensitivity, or modify it to suit various special applications.

The Calibration Editor now also includes an auto-calibration facility which makes it possible to perform RSSI calibration in user-selected ranges automatically.

WiNRADiO Calibration Editor

The signal strength indicator of Series II WiNRADiO receivers has an approximately logarithmic scale.

The displayed value is defined as follows:

RSSI = (R-Offset) x Scale

where R is the raw value obtained from the internal A/D converter; Offset and Scale are preset factory values which can be entirely overridden using the Calibration Editor.

The Calibration Editor makes it possible to define the Offset and Scale values separately for each modulation mode, and also allocate different values for different frequency ranges.

This provides a WiNRADiO receiver user with the possibility to raise or lower the indicated noise floor, both for squelch purposes and Spectrum Scope display, as well as calibrate the receiver for aproximate level measurement purposes.

The Calibration Editor also makes it possible to calibrate the SSB filter in the WR-1550 series of receivers and introduce frequency offsets for the IF shift facility in CW and SSB modes.

Download Calibration Editor

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2.04 30 Jul 2002 655966