AX-400D Satellite Antenna Dish

AX-400D Satellite Antenna Dish


  120 cm (3.94 ft) dish aperture
  Solid sector divided steel panels
  Prime focussed
  0.375 f/D ratio
  24 dBi L-Band gain
  31 dBi C-Band gain
  40 dBi Ku-Band gain
  Dish mounting bracket included
  Feeder mounting bracket included

The WR-AX-400D is a parabolic sector-divided dish, constructed from six solid powder-coated steel panels. Three supporting legs anchored to the dish perimeter provide a prime focussed mounting point for a LNB or feeder.

The feeder mounting bracket is made from 5 mm thick mild steel and provides three 4.2 mm holes to mount the LNB or feeder using M4 screws. These holes are located in a circular configuration on a 52 mm radius, spaced apart equally at 120. Additional holes can be drilled by the installer, if so required.

The dish has a 120 cm aperture and focal length of 45 cm, giving it an f/D ratio of 0.375. It may be used in different frequency bands, with gain varying from 24 dBi in the L-Band to 40 dBi in the Ku-Band.

The dish kit includes all brackets, bolts and nuts required to facilitate mounting onto two 65 x 35 mm rectangular hollow steel tubes (not included), as well as clips to secure coax cable of size RG58 to the dish.

The dish is easy to assemble and is shipped in kit form with a comprehensive step-by-step illustrative manual.

The WR-AX-400D dish forms a well-engineered and fully-integrated combination with the WR-AX-G400-PF patch feeder. If used together, the antenna system will have an overall gain of 24 dBi, with a -3 dB main lobe beamwidth of 11, while the side lobes are at least 25 dB below the main lobe.

Technical Specifications
Model WR-AX-400D
Type Parabolic, Sector Divided, Solid Panels
Number of panels 6
Construction Material Steel
Surface Finish Powder Coated
Colour Beige
Focus Type Prime Focus with 3-leg feeder support
Focal Length 45 cm (17.7")
Dish Diameter 120 cm (3.94 ft)
f/D Ratio 0.375
L-Band Gain @ 1.7 GHz 24 dBi
C-Band Gain @ 4 GHz 31 dBi
Ku-Band Gain @ 12.5 GHz 40 dBi
Mounting Interface Two places: 65 x 35 mm (2.56" x 1.38") support required
Feeder / LNB Mounting Custom Bracket (included)
Wind Endurance 60 m/s without damage
Weight 12 kg (26.5 lb)

Antenna System Performance (with WR-AX-G400-PF Patch Feeder)
L-Band Gain 24 dBi
Main Lobe Beamwidth 11 degrees @ -3 dB
Side Lobes 25 to 30 dB below main lobe

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