AST-146 Antenna Tripod

AST-146 Tripod


  Robust, weather-proof construction
  Stationary and mobile application
  Telescopic legs individually adjustable
  Adjustable feet for fine leveling
  Feet articulated for uneven surfaces
  Leg braces for extra stability
  Bull's eye spirit level
  Zinc plated for improved durability
  A compatible rotator available

The WiNRADiO WR-AST-146 tripod is suitable for both stationary and mobile applications. Primarily designed for antennas, it can be used for other devices as well, such as heliostats or telescopes. It is especially suitable for use with the WiNRADiOARP-ELAZ-100 antenna rotator. The tripod will comfortably withstand harsh environmental conditions - wind speeds of up to 162 km/h (101 mph) and temperatures down to -20C, with the rotator, dish and counterweights fitted.

The tripod has a fixed mast length of 146 cm (4.79 ft), with the leg spread fixed at 120 around the mast and the feet centered 117 cm (3.84 ft) away from the mast. Each of the telescopic upper legs can be adjusted individually for a coarse level adjustment on uneven or inclined mounting surfaces.

Each telescopic upper leg can extend or retract by up to 20 cm (7.9") from its default length, i.e. the length it would be set at for a level mounting surface, which translates to lifting or dropping the lower leg by up to 20. This allows the tripod to be leveled on slopes up to 20.

Fine level adjustment can be done using the leveling feet. The total range of fine adjustment is 60 mm (2.4") for each foot, i.e. 30 mm (1.2") up, and 30 mm down. A bull's eye spirit level is mounted on the upper mast bracket to make tripod leveling convenient and easy.

Each foot has four 12.5 mm holes through its base plate, which are provided to securely anchor the tripod. The holes are evenly spaced at 90 around the M16 center bolt, with the distance between opposite holes being 98 mm. The bolt on each foot has a pivot joint in the base plate, which allows for an articulation of 8 from the vertical, in any direction. This further assists if a tripod foot is to be mounted on a slanted surface.

Extra stability is provided to the tripod by three leg braces, with each brace fitted to outer points on two adjacent legs. The length of each brace is adjustable to provide the required pulling strain. A ball and socket joint at each end of the brace ensures lateral movement is possible, particularly where legs are mounted at different heights.

The mounting point at the top of the mast is made from a solid steel bar, which unlike a hollow pipe, will not dent in when the pinch bolts are firmly tightened.

A zinc plated surface finish provides the tripod with an attractive look, as well as extra protection against corrosion.

The tripod is shipped with a comprehensive step-by-step illustrative manual for fast and easy self-assembly.

Technical Specifications
Model WR-AST-146
Construction Material Mild steel
Surface Finish Zinc plating
Mast Length 1.455 m (4.774 ft) fixed
Mast Diameter 66 mm (2.6")
Load Capacity 36 kg (79 lb)
Upper Leg Type Telescopic, adjustable for coarse leveling
Upper Leg Adjustable Range 400 mm (15.75")
Maximum Inclination 20 degrees
Lower Leg Spread Fixed at 120 around mast
Feet Type Articulated, adjustable for fine levelling
Feet Adjustable Range 60 mm (2.4")
Feet Articulation 8 degrees from vertical in any direction
Feet Positioning Centered at 117 cm (46") from mast
Anchor Provision Four 12.5 mm (0.5") mounting holes per foot
Mounting Hole Spread 90 degrees apart, 98 mm (3.86") between opposite holes
Leveling Aid Bull's eye bubble
Weight 35 kg (77 lb)
Shipping Dimensions 150 x 21.5 cm tube (59" x 8.5") plus 92 x 10 cm tube (36" x 4") plus one small box

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