WiNRADiO AMFE™ Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Extender - Application Software

AMFE expands WR-G315 frequency range

The AMFE™ package includes a self-installing "plug-in" seamlessly integrating the AMFE™ unit with a WR-G315e or WR-G315i receiver.

Upon installation, the receiver's tunable frequency range expands automatically to 3500 MHz (with AMFE-3500) or 8599 MHz (AMFE-8600). The frequency display of the receiver shows the actually received frequency.

In addition to the downconversion the WiNRADiO AMFE™ Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Extender software also automatically switches the antenna inputs according to the receiver's tuned frequency. No additional operator action is required.

The WR-AMFE-8600 model can be used not only in conjunction with the WR-G315 series of WiNRADiO receivers (in which case it integrates seamlessly with the receivers in the same way as the WR-AMFE-3500 model) but also any other receivers, including other manufacturers' receivers, as an independent unit.

Application programmer's information is also available for programmers intending to develop their own applications for the AMFE™ device.

Stand-alone AMFE application panel.

When used independently, with third-party receivers, or with WiNRADiO models other than the WR-G315 series, the WR-AMFE-8600 unit can be controlled using a separate software application.

The user interface resembles a receiver, with a digital frequency display and a tuning knob (in addition to other ways of tuning the unit).

There is also a display indicating the output frequency after the downconversion, to which the receiver should be tuned.

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